Gerard and Becky


This is me.             This is my husband Gerard. And this is our daughter, Aurelia.   Aurelia is due to arrive on the 19th of August. She’s got a beautiful button nose, she likes to sleep with her hands by her face, is a real wriggler, and we love her … Continue reading About

Useful resources

You can briefly read up on what Thanatophoric Dysplasia at; Wikipedia Medicine.Net Genetics Home Reference For personal stories of babies with Thanatophoric Dysplasia, and practical help we found the following really helpful; Jamie Lynn – a story of sweet Jamie Lynn whose parents got some precious time with a beautiful, beautiful baby Kolby’s Story- an amazing account where Kolby … Continue reading Useful resources

Aurelia’s journey

You can read through our updates on Aurelia in order below; 1) The beginning of the end 2) Diagnosis 3) Next steps 4) Beginning to plan 5) Decisions 6) Transfer of care 7) Final Plans 8) She’s arrived 9) Labour and birth