Stars in the darkness #2

Kicks, kicks and more kicks have made me so, so happy through this pregnancy. I will never forget his face the first time Gerard felt Aurelia kick sat on our sofa one evening. We sit for so many hours with his hand resting on my tummy waiting for her and it never gets old. One morning with my bump snuggled into Gerard’s back was particularly special as she danced away with her daddy able to feel him at his back.

She often kicks specially for him too- when she hears his voice or she feels his hand on my tummy- she clearly responds to him.

There’s something so beautifully intimate about being able to feel her movements. If you think about it, it’s so strange we get so excited about the fact a human being is simply  moving. We move everyday, we see other people moving every day- yet there’s something so fascinating about this little girl jiggling and wiggling about inside of me, giving me the privilege of sharing something of herself with me.

And other people get it too. Only a few other people have felt her kick but every time you see their eyes light up as they feel her tiny tippy toes tapping- I suppose it’s a feeling that this precious little baby has said hello.

Often I have quite a short attention span but at the moment I could literally spend hours just watching as my tummy does this …💕💕💕


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