Aurelia's face at 23 weeks

Update: Transfer of care

Last week we had our first appointment at Frimley Park with our new consultant. Whilst much of my time with the consultant was simply filling her in on our situation, there were a couple of things she had a slightly different opinion on from our previous consultant.

Firstly, she plans (dependent on Aurelia’s head size) to induce me sightly later than we’d thought- 36 weeks-ish as opposed to 34 weeks-ish. Her experience, particularly with first time mothers is that it’s very difficult to get their body to go into labour before then hence she wants to delay.

Secondly, she is more optimistic about how much time we’ll get with Aurelia. Our previous consultant thought we’d perhaps get a couple of minutes with her, our new consultant predicts it will more likely be a couple of hours.

In other updates my amniotic fluid continues to rise. At my scan last week it was at 16, which is high, but is not deemed to be of concern till it reaches 20. I suspect this week it may have risen again as at my midwife appointment my bump was measuring 36-37 weeks (I’m currently 31 weeks + 5 days) and the midwife found it hard to find a clear heartbeat due to the amount of fluid.

Furthermore whilst previously Aurelia has predominantly head down, she’s now turned to a breech position and occasionally I’ve been able to tell very clearly she’s transverse (I’ve literally been able to see her head and bottom sticking out! A very strange experience). Apparently it’s quite common for babies with conditions similar to Aurelia’s to flip head up- our consultant thinks it’s to do with their heads being bigger and balance. This could potentially make labour more complicated as whilst her body is of a normal size and her limbs small, her head is proportionally bigger. Whilst our consultant doesn’t deem that a significant threat to my health it could mean Aurelia struggles more if she does get stuck and therefore less time with her, if anytime at all.

Her new position along with the amniotic fluid situation explains why a) I’ve been feeling her move less and b) why I’m feeling increasingly breathless as with her head up (and sitting very high) she’s taking up the room my lungs should be going!

What is clear is that I’m in incredibly experienced hands at Frimley. I was pleased to know that our consultant has even delivered a baby with this condition.

Next week we’ve another appointment with the consultant in fetal medicine, plus we’ll meet with the senior pediatrician too to firm up plans for Aurelia’s care.

As I’ve got significantly bigger and our induction date moves ever closer, I decided a couple of weeks ago to finish work earlier than I’d originally planned and had my last day yesterday. I’m incredibly glad I’ve made that decision as I’m getting less and less comfortable, I’ve started to occasionally have Braxton Hicks contractions, I’m pretty tired (this is also due to new pup- more to come on her later!) and I’ve realised I need some time to prepare myself emotionally and physically with what is to come.

So if anyone wants to come keep me company whilst I’m off (and meet our new member of the family- Lottie the lab) do  get in touch. It’d be lovely to see you!

Much love as always,



2 thoughts on “Update: Transfer of care

  1. greychristian says:

    Dearest Becky, and G and A,
    We’re having an amazing time here in Turkey and fly back early Thursday morning. 24-hour sunshine with temperatures 30-40 degrees Celsius. Thursday afternoon/evening we’re driving down to Harry and Tom’s to babysit P where we’ll be until Sunday lunchtime. Would love to see you perhaps Friday or Saturday if you’re free, either at Harry’s or yours. Any thoughts. All love as always. G & M. Xxxx


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