Stars in the darkness #3

A friend who was going through a very difficult time herself once said that God will give you just enough to keep going through such a situation. Well in my experience over the last few months that’s been very true- particularly with another little edition to the family.

Meet Lottie the Lab.

Lottie 002.JPG

I know I’m biased but I think she’s pretty darn gorgeous.

We’d been offered one of the dogs from her litter before we had the news of Aurelia and had turned it down (which given the amount of work we’ve realised a puppy is would have been very sensible). But as soon as we had the diagnosis we quickly felt a puppy in the house might be a very good idea. Once Aurelia passes away she’d bring some life to the house, be something to get up out of bed for and get out the house to walk for. And of course something to cuddle.

It may sound silly to many but I had no idea how much more she’d bring when she arrived at our house just over a month ago.

Lottie is bundles of fun- her puppyishness, plus a slightly mischievous temperament has given us hours of entertainment, joy and laughter. Her need for play certainly is keeping me fit and active too- evenings where any sane eight month pregnant woman would be laid with her feet up on the sofa are often spent with me rolling around the floor or chasing her around the house and garden!Lottie 001-3.JPG

She also is an incredibly social and loving dog. Indeed hours of talking, training, stroking and cuddling her has created a deeper bond I ever thought imaginable with an animal. It may sound bonkers but I’ve also felt this bond in someway extends to Aurelia (*Becky pictures people rolling their eyes*). A number of people have said to me that dogs can sense when your pregnant and I sometimes feel Lottie senses Aurelia. There have been a number of occassions where Lottie has chosen to curl up round my bump or just gently rest her head on it. Often Aurelia, who might  previously have been quite still starts to gently move around next to or under Lottie. When playing with Lottie’s squeaky toy one day, Aurelia could obviously hear the noise and started wildly kicking. For a moment it felt like all three of us were playing together. Call me mad if you will, but for me those moments have been incredibly special.


Furthermore she’s something to care for. So that energy to nurture another little life we felt would be directed at a baby can be temporarily, not filled, but burned off a little or redirected.

Caring for her and enjoying her presence has been enough of a distraction to just take the edge off all the sadness, pain and anxiety we’re going through. By giving us another focus it’s taken the focus  off everything being about Gerard, Aurelia and I and helped us to keep looking forward and beyond.

Lottie 003

Perhaps I’m trivialising how God works, but it seems to me Lottie arrived just at the right moment and is an incredibly bright star in our darkest time.


2 thoughts on “Stars in the darkness #3

  1. hortonious101 says:

    You are not ‘trivialising how God works’ at all Becky. Lottie is so so so beautiful and what a fantasic idea to get her! I pray she will be a wonderful tonic and healer for you and Gerard and go on to help you create some wonderful memories. This may be just the writer in me talking but I feel a book coming out of your journey that would go on to help many, many others, and Lottie will be a big part of that. God bless xx


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