Update: Final Plans

Yesterday we had,  what we knew would be, our final appointment before being induced. They’d planned for me to be induced at 36 weeks which would have been the week of the 25th of July, but at the scan they could see Aurelia’s head has taken a sudden leap in growth and she needs to come out before her head is too big to get out naturally.

I’d had an uneasy feeling for the past few days this might be the case, and have been madly trying to finish a blanket I wanted to make for her. For poor Gerard, ever the optimist,  it’s all been a bit of a shock knowing we’ve got a week less with her than we thought we would.

[If you don’t want birth plan details skip down for now, but as I’m partly sharing our medical experience for couples who might go through a similar thing some details are listed below!]

So, as Aurelia is currently very snugly in a breech position, we’re going on Tuesday next week for a ‘massage’ (medics do have a way of putting nice terms on things which are really not nice such as the so called ‘gentle internal examination’ the consultant gave me this morning *ouch*) to try and flip her upside down. Apparently in first time mothers it has a 50/50 chance of working. Whilst we can still go ahead with a natural labour if she doesn’t comply, going ahead with a breech birth could mean her head gets stuck and whilst that doesn’t present a huge risk to me, it would vastly increase the chances of her being stillborn if it took a long time to get her out.

Secondly it would mean any choice on pain relief would be taken away from me. This might not seem important in some ways and I’ve always acknowledged that a birth plan is only preferential and sometimes plans have to change, but I had wanted to avoid an epidural if I could. However I would have to have one if Aurelia remains breeched to stop me pushing too early where her body, which will be small would be able to come out if I wasn’t dialated enough but this could cause problems when it got to her head which is a big full term head size now.

Hopefully post baby has been flipped they’ll start the induction process and it’s likely we’ll come home for a while where I’ll be able to stay nice and active and encourage labour to come on. We’ll then return to hospital hopefully in labour, but if not, for them to try more things to induce my body into labour. It’s really just a wait and see what happens. It could be my body goes into labour very easily, and we get to see Aurelia’s face by Wednesday, it could take to the end of next week to get everything moving and going.

For those of a praying inclement we’d really appreciate prayers for the following;

  • Aurelia flips over so she’s head down without having to have the massage or that the ‘massage’ is successful and Aurelia doesn’t then flip back again!
  • The Rowan Suite at Frimley Park Hospital (where couples who have lost/are going to lose their baby deliver and have time to spend with their baby) remains free next week.
  • Aurelia has some peaceful time in the ‘outside’ world in our arms.
  • For strength and peace for Gerard and I

I’ll say again now, on behalf of both Gerard and I,  thank you all again for all the support you’ve given us in the lead up to Aurelia’s birth. We’ve felt so loved and cherished. I’m not sure at all what I’ll feel up to doing after we’ve said hello and goodbye to Aurelia next week, however via the blog, we will keep you updated around our plans for a final goodbye for our little girl.We intend to have a funeral at our old home church in Wood Green, London, to which we would warmly invite and welcome you to come and celebrate Aurelia’s short life with us.

Much love,



Image at the top of the post is one from our scan before last. It’s face on so a bit ghostly but it’s our most recent picture. 💕



3 thoughts on “Update: Final Plans

  1. hortonious101 says:

    The same as above. I can not imagine what you are going through but I pray that you, Gerard and Aurelia will know the love and compassion of your Heavenly Father and will sense the presence of his Angels around you. Praying you will know, experience and encounter miracles both large and small. xxx


  2. Hayley Harding says:

    Thank you for the lovely update. We do love you all so much 🙂
    Peace and blessings in abundance to you all…
    H xxx


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