At the break of dawn

I’m laid in bed, finally in labour after a long few days, in a state of epidural bliss. About an hour ago we had the consultant come in and tell us Aurelia is likely to be born this morning either naturally or through a caesarean.

Since then we’ve listened to her heartbeat so we know she’s still with us, fighting on. We’ve talked to her and told her how much we love her, and I’ve played her a song.

I know not all of the readers of this blog come from a faith perspective but laid here I feel so peaceful and protected by the prayers so many have offered for Aurelia, Gerard and I. I’d suddenly remembered too I’d been sent a text by a dear dear friend yesterday who has prayed persistently for Aurelia right through the pregnancy but I hadn’t really absorbed what she’d written to me and felt an urge to read it again.

To set some extra context on Saturday I had, per chance, listened to a sermon on Psalm 46 and felt it very pertinent and comforting, but reading my friends text I realised she had shared with me a section of the very same Psalm. What jumped out at me was ‘at the break of dawn God will help her’. All I can say is I feel such peace as I feel God has spoken and will protect her, maybe not in the way Gerard and I would like or a way we can understand, but she is shielded and that makes me ready to hand her back to her Maker today however difficult that may be.

So thank you all for your prayers -They are working.
Much love.xx


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