Update: she’s arrived

Aurelia Bernadette Miles arrived at 1.23 pm today and very peacefully fell asleep within a minute or so. Whilst we didn’t get the time we wanted with her, we couldn’t have asked for a calmer end to her life.

After all the difficulties we thought we would have with Aurelia’s birth she came out feet first and did most of the work for me. She kicked and waved those beautiful feet saying hello and coped beautifully with labour but in the end she decided not to take her first breath, and fell asleep on my chest with both of us having had the chance to tell her how loved she is.

We now have some time to spend with her in hospital to say our goodbyes and admire the face of our beautiful little girl, and she really is beautiful. You’d really just think she has fallen asleep, and indeed she even has her hand by her face which we know from scans is how she slept.

More later when we’ve gathered ourselves together but thank you everyone who has been in touch today and has prayed for us. She is now at peace and in the love of Jesus, having only ever known love and comfort on earth. What more could a parent ask for.

Much love.xx

P.S. She was a healthy 6 lb 10 oz for those who like to know!


21 thoughts on “Update: she’s arrived

  1. Andy & Kaye Martin says:

    Oh Becky and Gerard. Kaye and I are so saddened by this news of Aurelia’s going to be with Jesus so soon. How your hearts must be hurting. Your faith and trust in the Lord is such a blessing and inspiration. But we also know your hearts have been broken and are in need of His healing touch moment by moment. Know that we are grieving with you from across the Atlantic Pond, and will be praying for you as you walk this journey. We send our love to you both.
    Andy & Kaye

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  2. hortonious101 says:

    PS. I will always try and remember your beautiful daughter when I see the beauty of that golden evening light and how it can magically transform and make the most ordinary objects extraordinarily beautiful! 🙂 xx

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  3. hortonious101 says:

    Your post brought tears to my eyes and moved me so much. Thank you Jesus for how you were and are with this family and how you touch their lives and answered their prayers. With all the current sadness and hate in the world, the fact that Aurelia only ever knew love is all the more powerful. I really do feel in time that your story will touch and impact many people’s lives. With love and heartfelt prayers xx

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  4. gillian derbyshire says:

    Gerard & Becky
    You are two exceptional parents & words cannot express the advantage you both gave grandparents in knowing beautiful Aurelia.
    Gerard leading us in we walked into a room & were met by the most beautiful vision of a proud Mummy holding her baby in a gorgeous blanket made by herself for Aurelia. A peaceful, calm, extremely sad yet happy time for all concerned & I know I am richer for that experience on Friday evening.
    I noticed Grandad Nick quietly singing to Aurelia & I could not take my eyes off her or the both of you.
    We have talked so much & you know my depth of sadness for you all. Aurelia we knew had to leave & join the angels, but our Brightest Star now in heaven will shine forever in our hearts.
    Much love & many prayers
    Mummy/Grangie Derbyshire

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  5. Linda Marshall says:

    My heart bleeds for you and yours – I have had problems with babies that were not going to go full term and sadly the gusy looking after me were not so tuned in to a mums needs – thank you for sharing yoru journey with us all, I send you love and prayers, Linda

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  6. Duncan says:

    a grown man just cried! thank you for sharing your story – it is a beautiful thought that Aurelia only ever knew love and comfort on earth. Be blessed today!

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  7. Pat & Chris Middleton says:

    We are still away but heard from Ade s prayer request that you were in labour so prayed today for all to go as well as possible and releaved that you have held your little girl with His Peace surrounding you both – love & admire you both

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  8. Helen says:

    The ultimate healing is to be made perfect and she is, Aurelia is now with God with a perfect body. She will never suffer but be surrounded by the love of God. xx

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  9. Abi says:

    Aww becky❤️sending so so much love to you both and typing through tears. It’s so amazing of you to update us all so quickly. So much love and prayers xxx

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