Aurelia’s Hearts

An amazing thing happened yesterday.

When we found out we would lose Aurelia a number of people suggested we look into a charity called Saying Goodbye which is one strand of The Mariposa Trust which helps parents who have lost a baby at any stage of the pregnancy. Zoe, the founder and director of the Trust has been the most incredible support in the last stages of pregnancy and since we lost Aurelia last week. I really don’t think I’d be coping as well as I am doing now without her advice and consolation.

Part of the Trust’s work is that, out of donated wedding gowns, they create gowns for stillborn babies. But Zoe had an idea this week to use the wedding gowns for another purpose, and they are going to be named after Aurelia!


When a parent loses a longed for baby, part of their heart goes forever with their child. One of the saddest and hardest moments is when they finally have to say goodbye, and the baby leaves the parents arms and room for good. Aurelia’s Hearts is the Mariposa Trusts gift of love to them. Made from precious donated wedding dresses, the Trust send two hearts to families who have requested them. The pair of hearts are always identical to each other, and have a small pocket where a love note can be placed. One heart goes with the baby, and the other is kept by the parents as a special keepsake. Each pair of hearts is unique, just like each child and parents relationship.

Now those of you who know me, know I’m not often stuck for words, but when Zoe told me yesterday well…I had no words.

One of the most difficult things for me to cope with is the idea Aurelia will be forgotten. It sounds crazy at times to say that Aurelia has impacted lives when she never even took a breath, but just her very presence, just her being there and striving on, has done amazing things (that’s for another post someday). And now Aurelia’s hearts can help her carry on her impact, comforting parents through something to treasure and have something connecting them to their baby for evermore.

She really is my golden gift.


2 thoughts on “Aurelia’s Hearts

  1. Gill Derbyshire says:

    As said always another act to do for Aurelia however hard or amazing
    She will never be forgotten
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx


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