Through this year we couldn’t have done without the support of Saying Goodbye UK, a division of The Mariposa Trust. So I’ve signed up to be one of their Mariposa Hero’s which means I have committed to raising £1000 for them over the next 12 months. One of the ways I’m hoping to hit my target is through a calendar which we’ve created in memory of Aurelia (which means golden) with photographs all with gold or golden yellow as their dominant colour (preview below).

A number of the photos have been kindly donated so special thanks has to go to;

Illaria Pettruci Photography

Zoe Norfolk Photography

Rachel Tweeddale

Zoe Clarke-Coates


All calendars will be sent out ready for Christmas (as long as you make your order before the 15th of December).

What would be of almighty help to me is if you can order your copy before the 18th of November (though I will order plenty more so if you miss this deadline please still go ahead and make an order) as this will help me to make a good decision on the print run that I order.

We’re asking for donations of £10 or more for the first calendar, and £8 for any additional calendars (though if you’d like to pay £50 just for one you’re more than welcome! 🙂 ) you’d like to order which covers printing costs, postage and of course gives a considerable donation to Saying Goodbye UK.

To get a copy;

  1. Fill out the contact form below.
  2. Send a donation of £10 or more which you can do by either;

a) Using Paypal and sending it through to my account with the email address . Please ensure you select ‘Send money to friends and family’. If it asks for a small fee on top of your donation we’d be highly grateful if you could swallow the cost of this.

b) Send a cheque made to ‘Rebecca Miles’ to 135 Keith Lucas Road, Farnborough, GU14 0DL

c) If you know you’ll see me in person then give it to me then!

Please note unfortunately I cannot send copies of the calendar to outside of the UK.